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How to upgrade N6 MAX via OTA

Date: 2019-01-22
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We are always want to find an easier way to upgrade the TV BOX

then OTA will be your choice,no need to download upgrde tools,no need to use type c cable,

Below is the N6 max OTA upgrade version download link



If you can boot your device

Just download the OTA firmware onto your TF card(do not change the file name,do not uncompress),then insert the TF card into your box,the device can recognize the firmware in 10 seconds, select "install", it will upgrade automatically

how to upgrade N6 MAX

if you can not  boot your device.

please follow the steps to upgrade

1.Downlod the OTA firmware onto your TF card(do not change the file name,do not uncompress)

2.Connect the HDMI cable with the TV,insert the TF card

3.Pressing the reset button in the hole(between LAN and HD) with a pin

4.Plug the power cord(keep pressing the reset button at leaset 5 seconds)

5.about 10-20 seconds later,Select "Apply update from SD card"

how to upgrade N6 MAX

6.Select "update.zip"

how to upgrade N6 MAX

7.when install from SD card complete,select "reboot system now"

how to upgrade N6 MAX

Now everything is okay, you can enter the Home>>setting>>about  to check your firmware version,

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